Yoga Teacher Training

Through the completion of specially-designed classes and workshops, participants gain a profound understanding of the anatomical and philosophical underpinnings of yoga. You’ll deepen your own knowledge of the practice and of yourself, while at the same time becoming prepared to share the gifts of yoga and meditation with others.


Yoga Classes & Workshops

With integration of breath, movement, strength and balance, we guide yoga classes which help to bring the whole person into a state of equanimity. Our classes are appropriate for all levels unless otherwise noted. We have a limited number of spaces, so please pre-register online whenever possible.


Yoga Retreats

Join us as we wind together yoga, philosophy and holistic health into workshops, combining ancient spiritual teachings with modern health practices to improve your joy of life. See how yoga can expand out from the mat into every aspect of your life, showing how to improve body, mind and spirit through an integrative approach to wellness.